Trabon, whose MenuNet® menu management and publishing software platform is utilized by over 80 national restaurant brands, today announces a strategic partnership with Brandify, an industry leader in local presence for multi-location brands. The relationship allows Trabon and Brandify to collaborate in publishing menu content for restaurants and other businesses in online business profiles and websites frequented by today’s consumers.

Restaurants are consistently the highest traffic vertical on Google Maps and other local search sites. Consumers with pandemic-related health and safety concerns are especially likely to turn to online sources of information in order to help transact business with local stores, and restaurants are no exception. Studies show that 90% of consumers research restaurants online before choosing where to dine, more than any other vertical.

Structured menu content on local pages and online profiles is a proven method for engaging customers as well as providing content that is search engine friendly, so that diners are more likely to encounter your business when searching for specific cuisine types, dietary needs, or amenities. Ultimately, these increases in engagement and visibility lead to growth in traffic and sales. Recently, Google My Business launched an update to structured menus that allows restaurants to specify menu offerings in rich detail, making preparation methods, nutrition information, portion size, and more available as searchable topics.

With this in mind, Brandify and Trabon sought a partnership that would combines Trabon’s MenuNet platform, a menu management and publishing platform that enables restaurant and retail brands to manage regional and local menu variations as well as rich menu data across all brand channels with Brandify’s expertise in local presence management on Google My Business and elsewhere. Together, the companies will publish enhanced menu content on restaurant web pages and online profiles, making it easier for diners to find the detailed information they are looking for.

According to Trabon Chief Business Development Officer Nancy Hampton, “Together Trabon and Brandify increase each other’s value and create a powerful combination for restaurants looking to succeed in converting online searches into profitable sales. We’re thrilled to be working closely with Brandify, whose technology will drive traffic and sales for restaurant and other retail brands.”

“We recognized that for many restaurant brands, location and channel specific menu content is as complex as the business profile information we manage on behalf of our multi-location clients,” said Brandify CEO Manish Patel. “Trabon’s expertise adds a critical component to the solution set for restaurants, and potentially many other types of businesses.”

The companies plan to bring their solution to a broader base of verticals as well. Any service-oriented business, for example, can publish a menu of services with details, pricing, options, and even photos showing examples of completed services. Businesses are invited to contact either company to see demos of each platform as well as the synergies between them.