​QR Codes (quick response barcodes) have been around for decades, but up until now, they were never really adopted by restaurant brands or guests. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, businesses big and small are looking for ways to offer customers contactless menus and perhaps completely contactless or touchless dining experiences. QR Codes are enjoying a resurgence thanks to updates to both iOS’ and Android with smartphone cameras that instantly recognize and act upon a scanned QR Code. Today, QR Codes are playing a crucial role connecting the physical dining experience and restaurant menu with a user-friendly digital experience.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant owners and guests are concerned about restaurant menu safety. QR Codes provide a great way to bridge the gap between physical menus and digital menus. Placed on printed signs, table tents, and promotional items they take guests to online digital menu pages and potentially on to contactless ordering and payment processes.

Many restaurants are changing the way they present menus by shifting to QR Code accessed Contactless Menus

Using Trabon’s MenuNet menu management and publishing platform restaurant operators can manage contactless menus using the same platform that manages their menus across all brand channels including dine-in menus and digital menu boards, online ordering systems, third-party delivery, curbside pickup, take out, kiosk, and print menus. Menu items, descriptions, pricing and artwork are seamlessly integrated within the platform and can be adjusted to meet specific needs such as price adjustments for DoorDash, Uber Eats, Google My Business and other online sites as well as native delivery.

QR Code Menu Best Practices:

  • Use easy-to-read QR Codes: Larger QR Codes ensure the pattern is clear and easily readable by smart phones and personal devices.
  • Personalize QR codes: QR codes can be customized with a restaurant logo or brand icon.
  • Promotions and LTOs: Ensure your menu continues to drive profitability and repeat traffic by promoting appetizers, beverage specials, desserts, and food pairing recommendations.
  • Loyalty and App Integration: Collect additional guest information or utilize QR Codes to encourage participation in Loyalty programs and branded app.

MenuNet makes contactless menu management and menu localization simple. Brands are also able to use any contactless ordering and contactless payment providers they choose. MenuNet provides a single point of truth for all menus.

Using MenuNet :Three Ways to Present Contactless Menus  (Accessed via QR Codes and/or NFC Labels)

1. MenusNow is an out of the box solution with standard displays published directly from MenuNet via Trabon hosted location specific URLs and QR codes. This is a solution for brands to get up and running quickly.

2. Trabon’s Menu Widget uses MenuNet generated code to display the current menus on a brand’s website. Menus can be presented using standard preset templates and brand web teams can apply style sheets for a more custom look.

3. MenuNet’s API can be used to access current menu data for brands that want a completely custom approach.