After almost a year of on-again / off-again, back and forth, the FDA has issued their final menu labeling guidelines early this month and confirmed a go live date of May 5th, 2017.  If you missed the latest clarifications here’s a link to take you to all the details.

Trabon’s very own Christy Trinkler has been following the development of the FDA’s guidelines for the last five years.  She likely knows more about the menu and supplement requirements than she’s willing to admit.  In her quest to be fully informed and able to answer all your questions she has also educated our account managers and technology teams.  Whether you need to evaluate nutrition analysis software, identify third party analysis resources, or begin exploring menu display options we have you covered with informed options and resources.

As we explored how best to provide technology solutions to support the rules, Trabon developed the My Meal, My Way nutrition calculator.  Regardless of the government requirements, the fact of the matter is guests are demanding more food and nutrition transparency from brands. And a nutrition calculator provides a great way to help guests evaluate a variety of menu choices and customize them to meet their individual dietary wants and needs.  Customizable to your brand standards and to the level of detail that meets your brand needs our calculator provides:

  • An interactive method of delivering accurate data via desktop, hand held device, kiosk, or mobile phone
  • A single source of all nutrition information that ensures consistency between restaurant menus/menu boards and all online nutritional information