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MENUNET | Restaurant Menu Campaign Management

A Single Point of Truth for Menu Content

Trabon’s proprietary MenuNet system serves as a central database for all menu content and design elements. Menu versioning, or customization of content, is made simple with this solution that can then feed POS, recipe management and supply chain systems and integrate to all menu display, mobile and social channels.  MenuNet makes menu localization simple.

Drive Sales

Drive sales and profitability with trade area/regional pricing tiers.


Increase Traffic

Increase visit frequency with compelling local content.


Integrate Data

Integrate data from a single accurate source.


"THANK YOU for being a great partner to the Village Inn Marketing Team.  Three of the ABRH values are Passion to Serve, Relentless Improvement and Embrace Change.  As our marketing plans are continuing to increase in complexity and we are being challenged with managing additional details, we recently identified a couple of opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our process and our weekly status meetings.  You embraced these changes, including our new agency partners at HYC, and reformatting the status report to include more details by campaigns or project.

We appreciate your help in modifying the processes and tools to make us all more effective in our roles.  Thank you for being a great partner and extended team member!"

Marketing Manager

American Blue Ribbon Holdings